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Two rivals fight the hardest over golf handicaps – Times of India

WorldTwo rivals fight the hardest over golf handicaps - Times of India

A bad tempered and unedifying US presidential debate between the two oldest candidates ever to run for office degenerated into a squabble over golfing prowess on Thursday. The first head-to-head in the campaign saw Biden, 81, and his 78-year-old challenger Donald Trump trade insults and accusations for 90 minutes.
There was name-calling: “You’re the worst!” “No, YOU’RE the worst!” There were accusations: “You’re a whiner!”
And then they fought over their golf handicaps.
“He can’t hit a ball 50 yards,” said Trump, on one of the few occasions the two men directly addressed each other. “He challenged me to a golf match. He can’t hit a ball 50 yards.”
Trump’s own vitality was never in question, he boasted, insisting, “I’m in as good a shape as I was years ago.”
Not to be outdone over his putting prowess, Biden insisted he was game on the green. “I’d be happy to have a driving contest,” he said. “I got my handicap when I was the vice president down to a six.” Trump scoffed. “A six handicap?” he snorted. “I’ve seen your swing. I know your swing.”
The exchange came towards the end of the CNN-hosted debate, which had started without the handshake that is customary on such occasions and gone downhill from there.

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