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‘New York mom planned suicide to torment family, set loose TikTok trolls’ – Times of India

World'New York mom planned suicide to torment family, set loose TikTok trolls' - Times of India

A tragic and complex story has emerged involving Catherine Kassenoff, a prominent Westchester attorney, who took her own life by assisted suicide. Her ex-husband, Allan Kassenoff, claims that Catherine’s actions were intended to torment him and their children following accusations of her abusing their adopted daughter.
Public suicide announcement
As per a New York Post report, on May 27, 2023, Catherine announced her planned assisted suicide in Switzerland through a shocking Facebook post.She cited terminal cancer, alleged abuse by Allan, and a “predatory” court system that kept her from their three daughters since 2018. “Today, I will be ending my own life… I have woken up every day to a nightmare like no other,” she wrote.
Ongoing custody battle
At the time of her death, Catherine and Allan were embroiled in a bitter custody battle. Allan denies allegations of abuse, stating that Catherine’s actions were a deliberate attempt to destroy him and the family. “In my eyes, Catherine went through with her suicide in order to destroy me and the children,” Allan told The Post.
Social media aftermath
Catherine’s final message included a Dropbox link with court filings, medical records, and videos that sparked a wave of TikTok activity accusing Allan of abuse. Videos showing Allan yelling at Catherine and their children gained millions of views, intensifying public scrutiny and harassment.
Contradictory evidence
Allan contests Catherine’s claim of having terminal cancer, stating her oncologist reported a clean bill of health. He describes her as manipulative and intent on fabricating a false narrative of victimhood. “She’s very conniving and scheming,” he said.
Abuse allegations against Catherine
The Free Press investigation uncovered disturbing allegations against Catherine, including abuse of their adopted daughter, Ally. Former nannies described Catherine as abusive and mentally unstable, recounting incidents of severe mistreatment and favoritism towards her biological daughters.
Suicide motivations and delays
Dr Colin Brewer, who approved Catherine’s assisted suicide, noted she was clear about her desire to die due to mistreatment by her husband, rather than her cancer diagnosis. He revealed that her death was delayed twice for administrative reasons, the NY Post report said.

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