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‘Hunter Biden thinks he’s smarter than his father’s aides, acting as gatekeeper’ – Times of India

World'Hunter Biden thinks he's smarter than his father's aides, acting as gatekeeper' - Times of India

Democrats who want Joe Biden to drop out of the presidential race, which is not a possibility anymore after the president’s Monday morning letter, have two hurdles to cross. Many think it’s overzealous Dr Jill Biden who is now holding campaigns on her own but convicted Hunter Biden is another gatekeeper who is keeping a close watch on Biden now — especially after the debate fiasco.
Columnist Miranda Devine has described Hunter Biden as the proxy commander-in-chief, the gatekeeper who is glued to his father’s side for a reason. “Hunter has always regarded himself as smarter than his father’s aide,” Miranda wrote in her opinion piece for New York Post.
After the CNN debate, the Bidens holed up at Camp David where Hunter Biden was the in-charge. From there, he accompanied his father to the White House and was seen sitting at some meetings as well. Reports quoted White House staff as reacting ‘What the hell is happening?’ over Hunter Biden’s presence at his father’s official meeting.
White House spokesperson Andrew Bates, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre downplayed Hunter Biden’s presence at the meetings and said that he came back with the President from their family weekend at Camp David and went with the President straight into speech preparation.
“Despite the questionable optics, Hunter is not even trying to hide his position of influence, and instead is acting proprietorial, important and in charge. Cameras caught him looking deliriously happy and networking like a pro in the East Room, where his father was conducting a Medal of Honor ceremony Wednesday. When the president delivered a teleprompter speech, Hunter stiffened up and stared at him intently, as if willing him not to flub it,” Miranda wrote adding that Hunter always exerted some element of control over his father since the death of his older brother Beau in 2015.
“Those who know Hunter well say that, despite his reputation as a crackhead loser, he is highly intelligent, manipulative, methodical and always out for his own ends, which, now more than ever, depend on his father maintaining power,” Miranda wrote citing former family friends.

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