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Did Hawk Tuah girl turn down Playboy offer? Here’s the truth – Times of India

WorldDid Hawk Tuah girl turn down Playboy offer? Here's the truth - Times of India

Viral Hawk Tuah girl Hailey Welch has revealed during an Instagram Q&A session that she was approached by Playboy through her friend for collaboration and she turned it down. Playboy wanted to include her in some of their stuff but she rejected, she said confirming the rumor. Most rumors about Hailey Welch after she won social media with her ‘hawk tuah’ move suggestion in the bed turned out to be false — like she was a school teacher and that she got fired for her spitting act etc.The Nashville girl has now come out to bask in her viral fame and has given several interviews.
In the Instagram Q&A too, she busted the popular rumors, “Am I a school teacher? That’s false, I worked in a spring plant for about 10 months – but I don’t work there anymore, but I’m not a school teacher.”
“Did I really get fired from my job? That is false, I quit my job to go travel,” she said.
Another rumor was she was an industry plant and that YouTubers Tim and Dee TV knew her and it was all scripted. She clarified that it was nothing like that. “I’m not an industry plant, it was not planned every bit of it was just there right in the moment because I had to ask what that meant so… that’s false,” Welch said.
“Am I really making an OnlyFans, that’s false. I’m not comfortable doing that, ever. So, no, that’s false.
“Did I really turn down Playboy? That is true, they reached out to my friend Chelsea wanting to include us in some of their stuff, and we turned it down so that’s true.”
Before Hailey Welch revealed her identity, she was the viral Hawk Tuah girl who was asked: “What’s one move in bed that makes a man go crazy every time?”
“You gotta give ’em that ‘hawk tuah’ and spit on that thing, you get me?” she said. In an interview, she recently said she does not want her identity to be the Hawk Tuah girl and is exploring her next step which may include some shows.

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