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Conservative Christian Activists See Opportunity in Supreme Court Ruling

USConservative Christian Activists See Opportunity in Supreme Court Ruling

Conservative Christian activists and lawyers are celebrating the Chevron decision as a significant win for their ambitions to target medication abortion and rights for transgender people.

Anti-abortion activists see the ruling as a critical tool to fight the Food and Drug Administration, especially after the court rejected their bid to undo the F.D.A.’s approval of a medication abortion drug earlier in June. “Getting rid of Chevron is the first domino to fall,” Kristi Hamrick, a strategist for Students for Life, said in a statement.

They see the decision as a new precedent as they seek to bring a future case against the F.D.A. to the Supreme Court. Ms. Hamrick said such a case was likely to get a better reception “when the F.D.A. is no longer given the benefit of the doubt.”

The Alliance Defending Freedom, the conservative Christian legal advocacy group that argued against the F.D.A.’s approval of the abortion pill and lost, also praised the ruling.

Federal agencies “frequently disrespect Americans’ most cherished principles — including religious freedom and the sanctity of life,” said Julie Marie Blake, senior counsel at A.D.F. “Now, the court has wiped away a major roadblock that prevented Americans from holding government officials accountable.”

A.D.F. had filed an amicus brief in the case on behalf of Christian Employers Alliance, a group that defends freedoms for Christian businesses. The brief criticized a range of federal agencies, including the Department of Education and Health and Human Services, for what it said was the agencies’ efforts on “ending women’s sports” to imposing “radical gender ideology” to “forcing employers to pay for puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and amputating healthy organs.”

Now, the brief’s argument looks like a road map for what lawyers may want to pursue with Chevron gone.

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