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Activists demand permanent speed bump markers in Udhagamandalam

INDActivists demand permanent speed bump markers in Udhagamandalam

A speedbreaker on Tamilzagam road in Udhagamandalam is barely visible to road users

The People’s Legal Forum, Tamil Nadu Chapter, has filed a petition before the permanent Lok Adalat in the Nilgiris, seeking action against the Udhagamandalam Municipality (UMC) for what it claims was unfinished work along the road between Tamizhagam guest house and the combined court complex in Udhagamandalam.

Speaking to The Hindu, K. Vijayan, Director of the Tamil Nadu chapter of the People’s Legal Forum, said that the municipality had constructed over 10 speed bumps along the 2.5 kilometre stretch. Local residents have been complaining that the speed bumps, which are not marked, are hazards for motorists, some of whom have suffered minor accidents due to not noticing them.

Mr. Vijayan said that he had raised the issue multiple times with the municipality, urging that the speed bumps be clearly marked to ensure the safety of local residents as well as litigants and lawyers using the road to reach the court premises.

However, as no action was taken on the request, a petition was filed before the permanent Lok Adalat in the Nilgiris. On Friday, the UMC Commissioner, P. Egaraj, appeared before the court and assured them that the speed bumps would be marked and work began on Friday.

Mr. Vijayan said that he had noted that the speed bumps were being marked with paint, but said that the work was unsatisfactory. “They are using regular paint used for walls to highlight the speed bumps, and are not using road marking paint. This will mean that the paint will disappear very quickly and the whole exercise is being done as an eyewash,” he alleged.

When contacted, the UMC commissioner said that there were only seven speed bumps along the route, and that the contractor who was responsible for laying the road did not include road marking as part of the estimate for the work. “We are temporarily using normal paint to highlight the speed bumps, and will get a work order to mark the road with luminescent paint in the coming months,” he said.

Consumer rights activists said that there were many speed bumps within the UMC’s jurisdictions that had not been painted. “These are all serious hazards to road users, especially in the hills, where an unnoticed road hazard could prove to be fatal,” said a consumer rights activist from Udhagamandalam.

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