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8 Tips to master the art of debt free living:

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Debt seems very good while taking it but very difficult and bad while giving it out. What’s your debt right now? Have you taken a student loan this year to complete your degree? Have you also spent a lot of your money on things u thought will be needed?

It’s been a great challenge to think over that how all your debt should be paid and cleared off. Something that brings peace to your mind is to live a debt-free life throughout your existence. If whether you want a reach high money balance or high net worth or even if you have big plans after your retirement, you have much debt is something that can be difficult for you.

So,  how to live a master life without debt? Therefore here are some tips that will help and teach you how to manage your wealth, so you can stay away from debt payments full of life. It seems very easy but it is not so it requires a lot of dedication in the end to catch the goal, but you have to be assured about it so it will be worth it to you. Here comes a few steps you can do and master the art of being debt free:


Here are some tips that you should look into:

1. Credit cards should not be used in emergencies:

There must be some emergency funds reserved if not, you can open an account, especially for times of emergencies for example your child needs an unexpected and emergency hospital visit or your car needs costly repairs. Things like new clothes or new shoes or even new haircut cant are included in such types of cards or funds.

2. Assume the idea of not using a credit card:

Nowadays in this country, credit scores are used on a large scale. It, unfortunately, is one reason that so many in this country are living in debt. It can be difficult sometimes to do different things without a credit card simply opening an account at a credit union -requires all the credit history. However, living without a credit card means you are not living on money higher.

3. Save for your future goals:

It is always easy to take money out of the savings which you have made but have excess left and there is nothing u can spend. However when you have set your goals then it makes it easier for u to set a goal and avoid spending money on the things which you really don’t need. Spend it on the things needed to achieve your goals. Because using it is unnecessary, you will find problems when you really need it.

4. Invest your money:

If you are making sufficient money to set it aside considering savings and some extra cash, you could always consider the best option investing. No purpose grows your money like investing. You can always move up to a smart financial option that is real estate, stock market, mutual funds, and many other several ways like this, and can avoid debt and grow your money like anything.

5. Make a budget:  

In course of time, the unessential expenses and all the random purchases are more likely due to which you may not be using a budget. For those who are debt free and financially wealthy, most of them have a certain budget. While making a database for your expenses and all bills, plus income, may not be an attractive idea to you. The easiest trick is that there are apps you can use on your phone that will help you make the record and track it.

6. Avoid unsystematic purchases:

It is not really difficult to do purchases here and there. If a woman sees another woman with a new trendy top they fill something missing in them compared to the opposite lady and feels to get it. Same way with boys if they saw a new gadget with their friends they will not think about the money but they will think that it looks cool and they will buy it. And afterward, if it is counted on a monthly basis, you can realize that the money spent can be saved. It’s good that you treat yourself the best but be within the budget.

7. The highest debt should be first paid:

If you already have debt taken, start paying it as early as possible. If you have set the savings, you can start paying debt payments as well. Always start with the debt that has the highest interest. Since interest grows that could hit u dangerously. The sooner u will pay out the easier it will be to start saving again. One can enjoy a debt-free life only when you don’t have any loans or any financial obligations. So if you have debts to be paid before you start saving consider making payments on your debts at first.

8. Make more money:

At times or situations arise the money require is more than our fixed income. Whether it may be a car accident or an urgent hospital visit .that times we find that we have to use our savings or credit cards. If you are finding that you have been in debt because you are unable to make enough money at the time you can always go for a side job, at least for that moment. for example what if you have 10,000 in debt? It won’t take long days to pay off but can need extra money to become debt free quickly. If you hire some more work or try to find a job that gives more salary, that extra money can pay off your debt soon. Sometimes you may not love it or you might be very tired but once if you have cleared your debt you will be so glad and joyful. May if you have to sacrifice some late nights or early mornings to get it done. If you are confused about what to do u can definitely look at your hobbies.

Thank you!

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